Patient Testimonials

"I was pulled off all the medicines that the previous doctor had me on."

Suffering for years with spinal degeneration, Keith Smith of Mobile, Ala., said the chronic pain he experienced began to significantly affect his sleep, his work and even his family life.

After working with another pain management group for three years and taking as many as 15 medications, Smith still had not seen any improvement in his condition.

“The medications were making me sick,” Smith said. “I finally reached a point where I asked my internist to please recommend another pain management group to me.”

With support and encouragement from his wife, Smith made an appointment with Dr. Barfield at Comprehensive Pain & Rehabilitation and was accepted into a treatment program.

“I was pulled off all the medicines that the previous doctor had me on. Dr. Barfield put me on three medications, and after about a week, I actually was feeling pretty good. I’m able to get around now, and I get a good night’s sleep.”

Smith says he would recommend Comprehensive Pain & Rehabilitation to anyone seeking help for pain management.

“Comprehensive Pain & Rehabilitation does a fantastic job. I just can’t say too much about them,” Smith said. “I feel like they turned my life around. I’m just very happy to say some kind words about them.”

- Keith Smith